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Terms Of Service

Welcome to Auto Wrap Liverpool’s terms and conditions. Before you have your services with us, you should give these a read just to be sure you’re aware of our warranties and cancellation policies.


Vehicle Drop Off

Please ensure the vehicle is clean and tidy. A standard jet-wash will do. Refrain from using any wax products, as this can affect the vinyl adhesive.

For best results when requesting Window Tinting, please ensure the car is clean and the interior has been valeted. This will help reduce any contamination between the glass and the tint.

Full wraps and PPF work include extensive cleaning and decontamination.

Wrapping warranty

Auto Wrap Liverpool offers a three-year install warranty on our wrapped products. This warranty covers all wrap failures, including:

  • bubbling

  • lifting

  • peeling

  • External areas only

This warranty does not cover:

  • colour fading

  • Inner door areas (3M 1080 and non cast products)

  • stone chips or road damage

  • replacement panels after car damage

  • Incorrect Maintenance

  • Failures due to poor paint / Lacquer / Resprays

  • Failure to attend initial Wrap Install Check (4-6 weeks after install)

  • Any issues that arise after any previous negative social interations or aggressive behaviour

We will re-wrap panels that may need outside of the warranty, but there will be a charge. We also cannot guarantee exact colour matches on single panels, due to batch variation and weather fading.

In order to qualify for the warranty, customers must not go to a third-party wrap shop for any work. Any work undertaken on our wrap by third-party companies voids the warranty.

Printed wraps and PPF come with added bespoke Manufacturer Warranty.

Inozetek, Teckwrap, Hexis, KPMF & Chrome

We understand that sometimes customers will want specific colours that are only offered by certain companies. We typically will not offer these products unless specifically asked for them and all premium brand offerings have been exhausted.

We only offer a six-month warranty on these products, with the understanding that the products might not have the longevity of other brands.

Customers will need to assure us that they understand we are not liable for any failures with these wraps after six months.


Damage and Faults

We have Full Comprehensive Insurance to cover any accidental, theft or fire damage. Standard coverage is up to £200,000. Please advise us if your car is outside of our standard coverage.

Our insurance covers us for overnight storage too.


We do not cover:

  • Broken clips / fittings

  • Electrical Faults

  • Re-Calibration of any sensors or cameras

  • Mechanical or battery Issues

  • Damage reported after 48hrs of collection (as we will need to review stored CCTV footage)


In order to secure your vehicle wrap booking, Auto Wrap Liverpool require a minimum non-refundable payment of £300 inc VAT. This deposit WILL NOT be returned if you cancel your booking, as it covers scheduling and material costs. An increased deposit may be needed on bespoke works. This will be advised.

The deposit WILL go towards your total payment. It is not an extra charge.


In order to collect your vehicle, you must pay the balance in full.

The vehicle must be collected upon the previously agreed date. If there are any problems, the customer must contact Auto Wrap Liverpool at the earliest possibility to rearrange the collection.

If the vehicle is left at Auto Wrap Liverpool past the collection date, extra charges will incur for every five days it remains with us.

The customer will be charged £100.00 + VAT for every 5 working days that the vehicle/goods stay beyond the confirmed collection date. After 4 weeks, the charge will increase to £150.00 + VAT for every 5 working days thereafter. These charges will cover insurance and vehicle movements while the collection is made.

The customer is expected to pay these fees in full before taking the vehicle.

If the customer leaves the vehicle for a long period of time after the services are completed, Auto Wrap Liverpool will not be liable for any bleaching or damage to the vehicle or its wrap. 


If you would like to cancel your booking, the deposit is non-refundable. 

If you would prefer to move your booking, we will retain the deposit and it will still apply when you book again. 

Please let us know at the earliest opportunity if you need to cancel or amend a booking.


We take complaints very seriously at Auto Wrap Liverpool and will do our best to deal with them fairly and quickly.

With wrapping or tinting, occasionally the product will fail. This is usually a manufacturer issue and it will happen within the first few days of application.

It is vital that customers follow aftercare instructions in the days following their services, as otherwise, it may void the warranty.

Wrap / PPF Aftercare

To the untrained eye, it is very hard to distinguish a wrap from paint; however, the aftercare is different as is the finished look.

You should not attempt to use any t-cut or abrasive compounds. Do not attempt to use polishes with acids or solvents in them. Do not allow any silicones near the edges of the vinyl wrap.

Do not wash for 7 days. Then hand wash only. No jet washing at all especially at the edges – this will void your warranty and decrease the lifespan of your wrap. We need to send vinyl samples off to the manufacturers’ laboratories to define the causes of failure.

Wrap film may scratch and mark the same as paint – this is wear and tear. However, a benefit of wrapping is the lower cost of panel repair work as opposed to the paint body shop. Any repair work to wear and tear will be chargeable at a panel rate.

If maintenance is a concern, we can offer Ceramic Coating. This layer of protection will make maintenance easier, but again, only use approved cleaners on ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating is available with any full wrap for a discounted price of £290 plus vat.







 Warranty Durations – Quick Guide


3M Wrap – 3 year Install Warranty + Manufacturer Warranty (typically 5 years)


Xpel PPF - 3 year Install Warranty + Manufacturer Warranty (10yr)


Xpel Tint - 3 year Install Warranty + Manufacturer Warranty (lifetime)


3M PPF – 3 year Install Warranty + Manufacturer Warranty (10yr)


Flexishield Cosmetic PPF - 3 year Install Warranty + Manufacturer Warranty (10yr)

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