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Race Car Wrapping Ginetta G40 Style

Image of a Ginetta G40 Race Car Vinyl Wrapped at Autowrap Centre Liverpool

As you’d expect from a team of vehicle wrappers, we’re all partial to a bit of motorsport here at the Auto Wrap Centre.

So when we had a customer bring his Ginetta into our Birkenhead wrap room, we couldn’t wait to vinyl wrap a race car.

Image showing a Ginetta G40 race car being vinyl wrapped at Autowrap Centre Liverpool

With only four days to get the car ready, do a complete wrap and send it on its way, the car wasn’t the only thing that needed to motor!

It was due at a GT5 Challenge race meet at Oulton Park and its driver, Matt Palmer, wanted it looking its best as it left the others standing at the line.

Matt had picked out a gloss red and white, and from our experience we opted for Oracal 970. Oracal’s high performance cast vinyl had both the colours Matt needed (Gloss White and Cardinal Red) and we knew it would do stand up to all those racetrack corners, straight bits and potentially flying bits of bodywork.

Image showing Cardinal Red Oracal 970 series used in a race car wrap  at Autowrap Centre Liverpool

I’ll write up a bit more on the techniques we used when wrapping the race car as, like Oulton Park, it had plenty of sweeping curves to negotiate.

To make it all look seamless, we used knifeless tape when cutting and shaping the contours but as I said, check back and we’ll put together a post explaining how we do things here at Auto Wrap Liverpool.

Image showing a Ginetta G40 race car with a custom vinyl wrap ready for track day by Autowrap Centre Liverpool

Anyway, back to the car.

It’s a Ginetta G40 GT5 capable of eating up the course at 130 mph and firing out an exhilarating 160 BHP at the tyres. Weighing just a little over 800kgs, it must be fantastic flicking it through the S-bends on track day.

Hearing that engine in our workshop had the blood pumping through our veins, and ears!

I think there’s a definite works day out at the races due later this year.

I’ll add more pictures for all the race car wrap fans in the gallery here and as for Matt and his Ginetta, he didn’t quite make the podium. There’s always the next race at Rockingham.

Image showing the engine under the vinyl wrapped hood of a Ginette G40 we custom wrapped at Autowrap Centre Liverpool

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