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7 Cool Concept Cars We'd Love To Wrap!

Image: Renault

Nothing gets us more fired up than looking at the car makers' incredible concept cars each year. And as we're flicking through the car mags and online, we can't stop ourselves from discussing how we would wrap each one to make them even more super individual.

Image: Rimac

What about the Rimac C-Two above?

Imagine this beauty in the Skintac Superchrome we mentioned in this post.

Its already got the lines and its definitely got the muscle - 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, fully electric and 1888bhp!

Image: Envision

Talking abut stunning lines - what about this machine from Envision?

Looks like Bruce Wayne should be behind the wheel!

Matte black vinyl wrap anyone?

Image: BMW

Electric power is all well and good.

Save the planet, no fumes, we get the idea and when you can get to 60 in less then 3 seconds, we're all for a few AAAs being under the bonnet.

But when it comes to maximum grunt, there's got to be a real explosion pushing our pistons and BMW has left the batteries behind with the M8 Gran Coupe concept.

They aren't stating yet which drivetrain it will get but the word is that both the 4.4 litre V8 and the monstrous 6.6 litre V12 from the M670i should make a welcome appearance.

Expect your fillings to shake loose when this one cruises past.

Image: Infiniti

Nissan's Infinit Q Inspiration looks ferocious! What a front end - we love those angled scoops under the grille.

Like the recent Mercs and Audis, we're hot for the current trend of big aggressive looking grilles. We'd go for a de-chromed matte black or grey on this one.

Keep the car colour the same but with a de-chromed matte grille, this Nissan would look awesome.

Image: Nissan

Another one from Nissan, the Xmotion looks like the evil brother of the Evoque.

As much as those front grilles would look great with a contrasting wrapping vinyl, we think those tyres are ripe for the new SticknRide tyre vinyl.

Image: GAC

We've never heard of GAC but the Chinese electric car caught our eye with its immense gulping doors and chunky SUV styling.

Not sure how those side windows work for looking out of but this beast probably drives itself anyway.

I'd just be sat in there getting from A to B whilst reading Octane.

If you've spotted any we've missed or you have a fave from a previous year, let us know on Facebook.

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