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Could A Camo Wrap Crush The Predator?!

With the new Predator film hitting the big screen, (and who isn’t a fan of the original??), it got us thinking about ways of modding a motor to escape the aliens.

Image of a car with a full camo wrap and the predator from the movie in a blog post about camo vehicle wraps by AutoWrap Centre Liverpool

Adding that straight through aluminium exhaust is a total no-no - we’d want less noise, not more! Engine mapping? Nah, I don’t think an extra 30 BHP is going to outrun the Predator…

The one mod we all agreed on would be a complete camo wrap.

Image of a camo wrapped Mercedes Benz used in a blog post about camo wraps from Autoharp Centre Liverpool

Just like Arnie in the original movie, all face painted to blend in with the jungle, our motors (and us) would stand a chance if we could stay disguised and under the radar.

To get the look, camo vinyl for car wrapping can either come in a pre-printed sheet form or we can print your design individually. We can print any camo design onto our high grade cast vinyl and by printing your camo, we can overlaminate before applying. The overlamainate protects the printed image and prevents scuffs and scrapes. Handy when you're up against some heavy Martian firepower.

Image showing a mockup of a car camo wrap vinyl before wrapping used in a blog post by Autoharp Centre Liverpool

When you’re going all out with a camo wrap, you want it to look great for longer - even if you’re battling galactic intruders!

Image of a car camo wrap used in a blog post by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

Camo wrap is fitted the same as standard colour wrapping vinyl. We’d prep the car and take off what we can - bumpers, lights - and then get to work with the wrap.  If you’re new to vinyl graphics, we’ve got a guide here on vehicle wrapping.

Now, we’re in no way confirming an alien invasion is around the corner but just in case, wouldn’t you want to be driving into the sunset in something totally amazing?!

Image showing a VW Golf with a full digital camo car wrap used in a blog post by Autoharp Centre Liverpool

If a camo wrap is too much (and you probably think the human race is doomed anyway, regardless of the Predators), how about window tinting or car mirror wrapping? I’m not saying darkened glass will stand up to a photon beam assault but at least you’ll look cool as you go down!

Talk to us on social media - what ideas have you got to outrun the invasion?

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