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Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrapping At Autowrap Centre

Maybe you’re not quite ready for that complete car wrap yet. Perhaps you’ve been looking for info on window tinting, maybe getting ideas for something to make your car that bit more unique. Something relatively inexpensive but still a bit different?

Ever thought about vinyl wrapping your car side mirrors?

Car wing mirror wrap using carbon fibre from Autowrap Centre Liverpool

At Autowrap Centre Liverpool we get cars through that just need a touch of the individual. A dash of something different to stand out from the crowd.

When you’re at your car meet, individuality rules and your car deserves no different.

Vinyl wrapping side mirrors is a quick way to add that element.

It uses the same vinyl as for complete car wraps meaning there’s a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from.

We’ve wrapped mirrors in matte or high gloss vinyls to either compliment or contrast against the main body work. Carbon fibre wrap vinyl is a firm favourite.

Matched with the right motor, something as simple as wrapping your wing mirrors can make your car really stand out. As well as the wide choice of vinyl finishes, there are other big benefits with side mirror wrapping.

First off, its great protection against any scuffs and scratches. Always scraping the side of the house when reversing up the driveway? Vinyl wrapped mirrors will give you some protection against this type of wear and tear.

Gloss black vinyl wrap used on a car side mirror from a blog post about wing mirror wrapping by Autowrap Centre Liverpool

Vinyl wrap is removable so even though it’s going nowhere once its stuck down, the option is always there to remove it later if you fancy a change.

Want to go from matte black to chrome silver? No problem.

We can take one off, clean up and wrap again. You try that with a spray job.

While we’re on about spraying - check the price of a paint job against our cost for side mirror wrapping. Ouch!

We can usually get you booked in fairly quickly for a side mirror wrap and it doesn’t take long to complete. The mirrors stay complete as a unit so there’s no chance of any problems.

We don’t need to take out the glass or remove any part - all safe and that’s how we like it.

We even use knifeless tape to remove any excess from the wing mirror’s curves.

Scratching your car just ain't going to happen at Autowrap Centre Liverpool.

Get in touch if you need more info on costs (wing mirror wraps start at £75 a pair), or want to look at options in vinyl wrap for side mirrors.

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