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Chrome Car Wraps From Auto Wrap

Can your car give chrome a home?

Following on from our previous post on stealth car wraps, we thought about the absolute opposite of keeping a car looking low key.

If matte black and stealthy is at one side of the wrap spectrum then a chrome car wrap has got to be fully at the other side all bling and definitely an eye catcher!

Chrome Car Wrap Films

We mentioned Skintac Super Chrome wrapping film in another post and Skintac is still our chrome car wrap film of choice.

Image showing an Audi car wrapped in Skintac car chrome wrap from a blog post by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

Available in seven colours - red, purple, green, blue, titanium, silver and gold - whatever super shiny new look your motor is looking for, it’ll be covered by Skintac.

Having all the colours is one thing but what floors us with Skintac is the shine.

Chrome can be a difficult finish to replicate with vinyl but Hexis have nailed it with Skintac.

Its like wrapping your car with a flexible mirror that hugs all the curves and contours.

Image showing a chrome wrapped Porsche used in a blog post by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool about chrome car wraps and chrome wrapping film

Wrapping a car with a chrome vinyl takes real experience. If you’re going all out like this, make sure your wrap centre has the experience (and the reviews to back it up).

Its such a dramatic transformation that any corners cut or rough edges will show up and be hard to hide.

We’d expect to take a little longer to wrap a chrome car. It’ll need to be completely prepared prior to wrapping - we do this with any wrap but a chrome wrap may need a little more elbow grease before starting. Any bodywork blemishes could still show through.

Image showing a custom chrome wrap on an Aston Martin used in a blog post about chrome car wrapping from Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

Chrome Car Wrapping Films

The chrome film is applied the same as a standard cast vinyl. Heat helps it conform to the car’s sections and the self adhesive reverse keeps it in place once down.

Each panel of the car is completed individually and sections seamlessly blended so no edges are visible.

For more info, we’ve got our guide to car wrapping.

A chrome car wrap usually covers the whole bodywork including bumpers and wing mirrors, although I think matte black or carbon fibre wrapped wing mirrors would look pretty special.

Part sections of a car could be covered - there’s no reason just the bonnet or roof could be chromed up but it might look a little odd against the rest of the car.

Image showing a chrome wrapped car used in a blog post about chrome car wraps by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

We have an app in our wrap room that can mock up panels and visually show your car with the sections done.

Clever stuff, and if you’re passing the Liverpool area, pop in for a coffee and we can run through your ideas.

Not all chrome wrap films are high gloss and mirror-like.

Matte versions are also available. If a matte finish is more your thing, let us know and we’ll make sure we have samples or swatches either popped in the post or available to view at our base.

Image showing a Mercedes Benz with a full chrome car wrap used in a blog post by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool about custom chrome car wraps.

Cleaning A Chrome Wrapped Car

Dont use anything abrasive - no polishes or cutting compounds.

No solvents or oil based cleaners. Make sure whatever you use is ph neutral and free of any strong detergents.

Stick to hand washing - mechanical car washes can be too rough and could lift the vinyl.

Use a gentle car washing detergent or better still, use a cleaning system thats designed exclusively for vinyl wraps.

With all that mirror-like chrome, you’ll need your windows tinting to hide from people staring in and the sun reflecting!

Find the post here on window tinting options.

Thanks for reading and if you've already got a chromed up car, post some images on the wall over at our Facebook page.

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