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New Wrap Stuff Hot From Sign UK Show

Vehicle Wrap Product Update

We motored down to the UK Sign show a couple of weeks back to see what’s new.

This is our take on a couple of the incoming car wrapping products from Hexis that caught our eye.


Image showing Hexis STICKNRIDE tyre vinyl used in a blog post about new products for car wrapping from Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

For when wrapping the bodywork just isn't enough, Hexis have launched STICKNRIDE.

It's a printable polyurethane film that's designed to graphic up your tyres.

Available in a white matte film it looks like the painted letters on classic Firestones or Goodyears and USA whitewall tyres.

The difference here is STICKNRIDE is a printable film so only your imagination is holding you back.

We can print any image or design and apply it straight on to your tyres - pretty cool.

How about a company logo or brand?

What about the car club you’re in or sponsor for a track event?

We’ll be sure to show it the next time the Ginetta roars in.

Permanent adhesive grips the tyre wall and makes sure your design stays in place. It can even be laminated to keep it looking fresh for longer.

Applying it is pretty similar to a standard wrap vinyl - heat it up to get it pliable enough to sit in the texture of the tyre. The difference with STICKNRIDE is that a roller is used to get it right in any recesses and makes sure it digs in with a good strong grip.

These tyre graphics could be spinning around during donuts in your local supermarket carpark. Just like your mate in the passenger seat, it needs to grab right on.

From what we’ve seen it's definitely an interesting product and something we’ll be offering up in the Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool's wrap room.

Skintac Super Chrome

Also being shown off at the Hexis stand was their Super Chrome car wrapping film.

As much as we de-chrome cars to give them a stealth look, we also add the hi-gloss chrome look to panels to do exactly the opposite.

Trust us, when you see a 4 wheel mirror cruising past, you’ll stop and stare (and not just at your own reflection).

Image showing an Audi with Hexis Skintac Super Chrome car wrapping vinyl applied from a blog post by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool - the NW home of Car Wrapping and Custom Vehicle Graphics

Some of the films we've used have had the look but not quite the real shine of chrome. You know, the almost wet look gloss and deep metallic shine.

This Super Chrome looks like it will definitely find a place in our arsenal. It's the truest chrome look vinyl we’ve found yet.

In the demo we watched it was fitted the same as with other premium cast films. The only thing to watch out for are the fingerprints!

Skintac Super Chrome will be available in a number of different options from gold and silver all the way through to reds, blues, greens and deep purples.

I can't wait to see this rolling through our wrap room - I’m sure its going to be a popular product.

Did you get down to the Sign UK show or have you been to another event and spotted something worth sharing?

Let us know on social media what caught your eye.

PS - if you're looking for more info on car wrapping - we've got this guide to custom vehicle graphics.

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