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Xpel PPF: How To Keep Your Car In Showroom Condition

As any driver will know, your car begins to age the moment it leaves the dealer’s showroom. The deterioration starts early, especially where your vehicle’s paintwork is concerned, with small chips and scratches sometimes appearing within days of taking delivery of your new prize possession. But now XPEL paint protection film UK technology offers a way to maintain your car’s paintwork in ‘day-one’ showroom condition by keeping your paintwork free from all those minor abrasions. But does it work? Take a glance at the rear wheel arch of new Porsche cars and you’ll notice that this manufacturer, and many other premium brands too, certainly considers PPF car paint protection a worthwhile investment which adds to the value and appeal of their brand. So let’s take a look at what this magic-shield process is all about.

PPF car paint protection technology Historically, paint protection films go back as far as the Vietnam War, when they were developed by US boffins as a means of protecting the rotor blades and other critical moving parts of their military helicopter fleet. These flying machines tended to suffer abrasive damage from combat debris which demanded urgent repair and replacement. Not only was applying this new protective film far cheaper than a costly repair, it was also a far quicker option. In fact, if you listen carefully, you may still hear some professionals describe PPF film as ‘helicopter tape’. PPF film (or clear paint film) is a form of self-healing acrylic, thermoplastic urethane or polyurethane which is ideal for use as a protective layer to guard against environmental contamination, stone chips and minor abrasions, impact damage and more. It forms a tough, flexible and clear shield which sits on top of a car’s original finish. Besides its popularity in the auto industry, this clear paint film is also used in aerospace, aviation, electronics and marine applications. Apart from car protection, consumers may also come across this technology on computer screens, mobile phones and other handheld devices. 

A lasting showroom finish  Whatever make of car you drive, and regardless of its market value, its paint finish may not be able to meet the tough challenge of withstanding the UK’s city pollution, variable road surfaces and harsh winter weather conditions. Yes, it looked an absolutely amazing set of wheels when you were given the keys for the first time, but unless it gets the right kind of protection, those vibrant colours and that sparkling shine will become a fading memory as the blemishes start to accumulate: Gradually dulling paintwork, random stone chips, tiny dings and micro-scratches all take their toll.  Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten what it’s like to park up, take a look back to check out those pristine contours once more, and know exactly why you desperately wanted to own that vehicle. But with Xpel paint protection film, you can now preserve that mint-condition showroom look. Value for money  Xpel paint protection film is a 100% transparent film which forms a protective layer on top of your car’s existing paintwork. Its job is to help protect your vehicle from every kind of chip, scuff and scratch. Wherever PPF is applied, it won’t interfere with the natural look of your original paintwork. Though you can’t detect its presence, you’ll still be pleased you have PPF protection when road grit strikes your flawless paintwork without leaving the slightest trace.  You’ll be glad to hear a PPF layer can also be applied to headlights, to guard against chip damage and cracking of the lenses. As you may already know, replacement headlights are rarely cheap, and most require the dismantling of other body parts to even gain access to the lighting components. This, of course, means additional labour charges which only add to the cost.  Even materials with a reputation for durability, such as carbon fibre, are not entirely immune to damage. Gel coatings can still suffer chips and scratches, and these special coatings are expensive to repair and renew. So the best money saving strategy is to get a protective, self-healing PPF layer in place while your car is in pristine condition. That’s a lot cheaper than waiting until minor paintwork damage, insect and/or environmental contamination or deterioration occurs, which will then have to be rectified before any PPF film layer is applied. 

Graduated levels of PPF protection The market-leading Xpel range of professional vehicle treatments can provide versatile, graded levels of protection to suit all budgets and even priorities such as continuous everyday use under arduous conditions. Two of the most popular Xpel paint protection film UK treatments are Xpel Ultimate Plus and Xpel Stealth.  Xpel Ultimate Plus  Xpel Ultimate Plus is an advanced elastomeric polymer finish applied as a clear coating. Its unique properties mean the film won’t discolour in the presence of environmental contaminants and UV radiation, and will also self-heal the micro-scratches and swirls which vehicles collect after normal weekly washing and drying or everyday use.  With Xpel Ultimate Plus, disfiguring minor marks left by insect debris, bird droppings, oils, road tar and sap can be simply wiped away. And likewise, minor nicks and scuffs on the surface of the PPF layer will soon disappear in the warmth of the sun or once back in the shelter of a warm garage. As a result, your car’s finish can be constantly restored to its pristine showroom condition. 

With this uncompromising level of protection there is no risk that PPF film will introduce any blemish to your car’s original finish. The mirror-smooth finish of Xpel paint protection film will ensure there is no visible ‘orange-peel’ texture and your Xpel-protected surface will have an appearance which is literally indistinguishable from the original factory paint finish. Skilled professional installers have the know-how to maintain a faultless flow of PPF film perfectly aligned across common surface features such as headlamp wash systems, airflow inlets, parking sensors, and similar design elements. And similarly, Xpel film is securely wrapped around panel edges, so Xpel edge seal technology will create one seamless, invisible barrier.  The Xpel adhesive used for this task is a key component. Its highly workable nature allows Xpel film to seamlessly negotiate and accommodate the most complex surface contours. On completion, your car’s showroom finish will shine through without distortion, and without any of the ripples and blemishes which characterise poor-quality surface applications.  And most important of all, Xpel Ultimate Plus is protected by a comprehensive 10-year warranty. So the finish will be guaranteed free from any yellowing, staining or discolouration, as well as disfiguring peeling, cracking and hazing of the surface. 

Xpel Stealth Xpel Stealth offers a satin finish designed to preserves matte paint in its original factory condition. A matte finish can be very hard to maintain in prime condition, with even simple chips being much harder to touch up or repair. Yet Xpel Stealth can not only shield your vehicle’s finish from minor damage and deterioration, but will also allow you to carry out regular washing and drying without risk of degrading that finish. Xpel Stealth can accurately match the sheen of most factory applied matte paints. So once Xpel Stealth car paint protection has been applied, it’s practically invisible. That makes it ideal for transitions between highly vulnerable protected areas such as the front of the vehicle and other unprotected surfaces less susceptible to damage.  Xpel Stealth offers the same warranty, and also has the same self-healing properties, as Ultimate Plus. So those minor surface blemishes we normally have to accept as ‘wear and tear’ will likewise fade away within minutes.  And as a further bonus, Xpel Stealth can also convert a gloss paint auto surface into an ultra-sleek satin finish. This stunning transition will be quicker, yet the cost of this customisation will be a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a premium matte finish in a custom paint shop. 

To keep your treasured vehicle in showroom condition, talk to us at Autowrap Centre Liverpool.

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