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Xpel Window Tinting - A Guide To Premium Window Tinting from Autowrap Centre Liverpool

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your vehicle, then automotive window tinting is certainly something you should consider. And though a good-quality, custom tint job will add a touch of class to your prize possession, there are many other benefits too. Why go for window tinting? For a start, your passengers are sure to enjoy the extra privacy a tinted-window interior environment affords. Once you have travelled in a car with premium tinted windows, you’ll understand how the reduction in glare makes the experience so much more relaxing. And if you have a family, it’s also comforting to know that a window tint also offers substantial UV protection, which means you can block out those harmful rays which can cause skin damage. Not only that, UV light is also responsible for causing your car’s interior finish to fade – so a window tint can help to preserve your car in top class condition for much longer. 

Along with the health benefits of UV protection, the retro-fit tinting process also provides glass-shatter protection. If such damage should occur, the high grade car window tint film used to create a glass tint for your windows will also help to shield you and your passengers from the risks posed by any sudden glass breakages. Once you have your windows tinted, you can expect a reduction in the amount of solar heat, which can often send the interior temperature soaring. Tinted windows will help to keep the inside of your car cooler. Your passengers will feel more comfortable with a more stable interior climate, and you’ll notice there is less need to use the air con system – which in turn is reckoned to produce a fuel saving of something like 8-10%. 

Xpel range of quality tints  It’s best to think of tinting as a longer term investment. And it’s sure to make your car stand out from the rest, so choosing car window tint film from a top brand like Xpel will ensure your vehicle turns heads for all the right reasons. If you don’t bother too much about quality (and don’t understand how to tint car windows), you might get a cheap job done by some back street trader – but of course you’ll be living with the consequences every time you use your car. However, if you choose Xpel premium film, you can still decide what grade you want, specify the windows you want tinted, and more. But even though your choices vary, the quality of your tint film will always be the best on the market. And in addition, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that the job is handled by high-quality, Xpel-trained technicians.  Tinting expertise is important because the job involves precision cutting and handling of high-quality tint film. Furthermore, the fitting of the film layer to the inside of your glass must be done with absolute cleanliness and maximum care to guarantee the finish permanently enhances the good looks of your car.

Xpel window tints come in four grades: Xpel Prime XR Plus is the top-of-the-range tint film. An ultra-high-performance film, Prime XR Plus uses multi-layer nanoparticle technology to reject 98% of infrared heat. Xpel’s custom blend of ceramic particles is just 1.5mm thick, yet this fine layer creates a solid heat-blocking barrier. Old-style tints providing the same level of cooling were invariably very dark, but XR Plus performs the same job to perfection without restricting outbound visibility. Prime XR Plus also offers the ultimate in UV protection: Its SPF 1,000 protection effectively screens out more than 99% of UV rays, thus avoiding risks such as skin cancers, premature ageing and harmful and disfiguring skin-cell damage. And beyond its superb good looks, superior comfort and protection, Prime XR Plus is also guaranteed not to interfere with in-car radio, cell-phone, or Bluetooth communications. Xpel Prime XR will also provide owners with superior looks and similar performance at a slightly more advantageous price point. Once again, the outbound visibility is impressively clear with no colour compromises, and the infrared heat rejection blocks up to 88% of harmful UV rays. Xpel’s nano-ceramic particle technology ensures the crystal clear integrity of all in-car communication signals (radio, phone and Bluetooth), while also guaranteeing the flawless appearance of your new tinted-glass makeover. Xpel Prime HP is a perfect blend of performance and value for money. Featuring Xpel’s innovative hybrid film technology, Prime HP uses a hybrid dyed metal construction to provide superior heat rejection a cut above what traditional dyed films offer. Giving an enhanced reflective finish, Prime HP also acts as an effective UV protectant to keep you cool, safe and comfortable. A Prime HP tint finish is also guaranteed not to interfere with any of your devices or in-car communication equipment, and will stay looking good for many years. Xpel Prime CS is a great choice if a heat barrier is not really essential. Prime CS still blocks out up to 99% of harmful UV radiation and will give you a lifetime of stable performance. So there’s no need to worry about blemishes: Unlike many lesser tint films, Prime CS won’t fade, crack, start to peel, or turn an unattractive shade of purple. And your anti-glare tint will enhance your visibility while also reducing eye-strain. Likewise, the metal-free particles used in Prime CS means there will be zero interference with any of your communication devices.

How to tint car windows: coverage options and costing Some drivers want total coverage, while others may wish to choose their custom tint regions. Generally speaking there are three coverage options: 1. A tint finish covering just your two front roll-up windows. 2. A tint which covers all windows, but excludes your windshield and sunroof. 3. An all-over tint which includes every window glass on your vehicle. Depending on your car and the extent of work you require, a tint job may take as little as 30-40 minutes for two front windows up to perhaps two to four hours or more for extensive work. You should also allow for drying out time, which could be something like two to three days. And if you are having an older tint finish removed, you will need to factor in extra time for that task.  Costs will depend on your vehicle, with motors with larger window areas (e.g. 4x4 and SUV types) and those with designer features like exotic curves or steep rear windows inevitably costing more to tint. 

The legal limit for tinting car windows You may not have even realised there is a legal limit for tinting car windows. In fact, in the USA the laws relating to automotive window tints can vary from state to state, causing endless problems for drivers on inter-state journeys. Luckily, the UK’s own regulations are much more straightforward, with only three things to remember:  1. Your windshield must have at least 75% VLT (vehicle light transmission). 2. The front side windows on your car must have at least 70% VLT. 3. All windows located behind the driver (including the rear window itself) can have any degree of tint you choose. Though UK law itself is clear, you should nevertheless rely on the expertise of an Xpel-trained technician to guide you, because allowances have to be made for the performance of your existing window glass too. Here at Autowrap Centre Liverpool, we’re fully trained by Xpel and all work comes with our complete peace of mind guarantee.

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